You Are At Risk

You Are At Risk

You Are The Product

You’ve maybe heard the phrase:
“If you don’t pay for a product or service, you probably are the product”.
This is unfortunately true. 

Have you ever noticed that right after a conversation about, say... sunglasses, you get an advert for them immediately in
your social feed...or search results... or even a random webpage you visit!

We are reassured proudly that our social and chat apps will "always be free". Now consider what you define as "free" -
because they are not.

They collect data about you, us and anyone else that touches their world. You are allocated a number and category to be
sold off to the highest bidder... and those bidders pay a lot for you.

Everything around you is collecting your data but when it comes to your most intimate communication do you really
want the world to see you? It's why a clever person invented curtains.

Your phone and smart assistant pass back your information back to base in realtime - Edward Snowden even made
a documentary about it!

Don't just put up curtains. Get a security door, a wall, electric gates and a big dog - maybe even a Wolf.

Your Calls Are Open

Your phone is listening. Always. It is waiting for you to say something advertisers and
government agencies are interested in.

You Are Simply a Piece in a Puzzle

Some providers claim they would never listen to your calls (even though they can) but they will still keep an eye on
WHEN you were talking and to WHO.

They already knew enough about you from other sources so really this data was the final piece of the puzzle!

The worst part is that you brought your friends into it too. They didn't ask for it - worth remembering next time you get a call
on an unsecured service.

So they make their web of friendships, placing you in categories and selling you off - again. Your social media echo chamber
will deepen further with reinforcing adverts and messages but it doesn't have to be this way.

Your Stolen Treasure

Imagine that you have discovered an untapped need in the market. You have committed significant time
and money to refine your business idea, and you have spent hours and hours on detailed research.

You are now ready to approach companies and investors.
You can't wait to show them your ideas, your product and your plan to launch it to the world!

But they cancel the meeting, "Can you send us your deck by email?"

And BAM! Your pitch deck is now copied and public domain. You just lost control of your property. They
have the resources to do it and your product/service is on the market under a different brand before your
lawyer even answered your phone call.

Yes, in our digital world, copying is easy.

Going Viral... and Not in a Good Way

It is painful to describe how catastrophically damaging the unwanted spreading of private photos and videos can be.

Young people in particular are vulnerable to this, constantly sending photos to each other, never intending for them to
go beyond their current recipient. Then the relationship goes south and you can read the rest in your local tabloid.

If you want to be remembered for something, put it on the internet, it's never leaving.

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